The 2014 Arsies: February 3, 2014

February 3, 2014

Welcome back, friendos, to Week 5 of the Arsies! Revocation start us up today with the album of the same name. This album is sublime in its viciousness, with a malicious intelligence that direct the pure rock fury instead of awkwardly overshadowing it. This is brilliantly executed technical metal that somehow bridges multiple subgenres, and not only does the album contain my pick for Metal Moment Of The Year ("SHEPHERD! WE HAVE SCATTERED YOUR FLOCK!"), but the runner-up as well. Darkane put up a valiant resistance, with their quirky, memorable The Sinister Supremacy, but (as much as it pains me to say so) they just don't bring the ruckus quite as hard as Revocation do. Mazel, Revo, mazel!
Tomorrow, we've got a grudge match between something old and something new: it's Protest The Hero against Carcass.

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