The 2014 Arsies: February 11, 2014

February 11, 2014

Beginning a highly-anticipated, anxiety-provoking comeback album with some layered guitars and then the jackhammer speed metal assault of Thrasher's Abattoir was a masterstroke on Carcass's part. Following it up with the slightly faster Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System? Another brilliant move. In fact, with a few exceptions, Surgical Steel is a study in energetic mood manipulation.
But are you fucking kidding me with this? And then this? It's like Revocation are matching Carcass, mocking them, from their gambit to their pacing, their speed, their leads. And in virtually every regard, Revocation managed to outperform the legends from Liverpool. (Especially the leads. Compared to the guitar solos on Revocation, those on Surgical Steel are downright pedestrian by comparison.) Carcass were very, very good... but today, they were just not good enough.
Tomorrow, we finish the Quarterfinals, with another contest seemingly designed to piss off some of you: The Black Dahlia Murder versus TesseracT.

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