The 2014 Arsies: January 15, 2014

January 15, 2014

Quite by accident, today we've got two thrashy competitors going head-to-head: Razormaze and Hatesphere. So let's get to the headbangin'.
Razormaze's second full-length album Annihilatia is a straightforward delight. It takes you through a satisfying bevy of standard thrash motifs and variations. Razormaze also throw in some updated production values and technical ambitions, without being showy about either. Tracks like The Slowest Death and Worshipping The Void feel familiar yet fresh because of this no-big-deal evolution of the sound.
Hatesphere fire back with Murderlust, and while it may not tread the same territory as Razormaze's classic thrash, it does have plenty of accessible influences that it dances with. The most obvious comparison to be made here is with fellow Danes The Haunted; you can hear their influence on the album's title track, as well as Fear Me. But instead of a clone, Hatesphere is acting as a Malkovich filter for other styles. This initially makes for a more interesting listen, but in the long run it makes Murderlust less enjoyable. Razormaze squeak ahead in the final listening, and edge out Hatesphere. They move on to the Round of 16, win which they'll challenge Karnivool. Coooool.
Tomorrow, Revocation wrestles with Inter Arma.

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